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Cily Boy – an earlier goat Wether – a good castrated male goat Doe – (aka

Cily Boy – an earlier goat Wether – a good castrated male goat Doe – (aka

Reproduce – an inventory out-of pets within this a varieties that have a unique appearance and typically being developed by deliberate choices Reproduction animal– an animal 321chat coupon caused to produce youngsters typically inside the a controlled and you can structured way Dam – a female moms and dad Head – a collection off a species of animals (sheep, poultry) Herd – a team of a single species of animal (cows, ponies, swine, goats) Livestock – domestic farm dogs left having energetic objectives (animal meat, whole milk, work, wool) Business creature – animals bred and you can raised having restaurants practices Polled – a normally hornless animal Sire – a masculine mother or father Litter – multiple offspring put from the you to delivery by the a multiple-parous mammal. Referred to as brood

Chick – a recently hatched or a highly more youthful poultry Broilers – a chicken that is half a dozen to help you thirteen weeks of age made use of for meats production Pullet – Lady bird below 12 months of age Hen – Females bird more than 12 months old Cockerel – Male bird not as much as 1 year of age Rooster – Male bird more one year old Well-known Products – eggs and you will poultry

Bovine – the latest medical title to possess cattle Calf – a sexually teenage more youthful bovine Heifer – an early ladies bovine with not even got a great calf Cow – a mature women bovine Point – an excellent castrated men bovine Bull – an intimately mature male bovine Popular Affairs – milk, animal meat and you may leather

nanny) a woman goat Buck – (aka. billy) a sexually mature male goat Preferred Things – whole milk,* cabrito,** mohair and you may cashmere. *Goats will be primary producer out-of milk products international. ** Goat meats has some various other labels one trust brand new goat’s geographical location and you will age animal.

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Swine – a good identifies pet throughout the pig friends Barrow – a young, castrated men swine Boar – a sexually adult men swine Gilt – an early on ladies pig Hog – an older swine (usually weigh more 120 weight) Pig – (aka. piglet) a young swine (usually weigh less than 120 weight.) Sow – a mature people swine

Ovine – the new scientific label to own sheep Ewe – a lady sheep Mutton – an excellent sheep lower than one year in ages Ram – a masculine sheep Wether – good castrated male sheep Common Items – mutton,* lamb,* hogget,* and wool

Animals Conditions

Equine – title of the family relations detailed with ponies, donkeys and you can zebras Foal – an animal about equine loved ones, off often sex, which is 12 months dated otherwise younger Colt – a male horse according to the chronilogical age of five Filly – a lady pony under the chronilogical age of five Gelding – an excellent castrated animal of your equine relatives Pony – an older pony you to measures below 14.2hands Mare – an adult ladies horse Stallion – a grown-up male pony Draft Pony – a big pony bred to have tough, big tasks for example ploughing and ranch labor Give – a non-Au moment ou equipment off dimensions one to translates to five inches

Foal – an animal in the equine loved ones, away from possibly intercourse, that’s 1 year old or younger Jenny – a lady donkey Jack – a male donkey Mule – ‘s the offspring of a masculine donkey and a lady horse Donkey – a domesticated creature of your own equine family mostly used as the a operating animal

Equipment – a young rabbit Doe – a lady rabbit Money – a male rabbit Well-known Activities – fur and you can meat

Cria – an early llama Dam – a woman llama Gelding – an effective castrated men llama Stud – a masculine llama Well-known Issues – fleece

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