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Deploying Wallpaper to an iPad or iPhone Jamf Now Documentation Jamf

Scroll down under “More” and tap the green ‘+’ button next to Music Recognition. Apple acquired the music recognition service Shazam in 2018 and setting it up on your iPhone is easy. To connect to a satellite, your phone will ask you to point it toward the sky. As long as you have a clear view, you should be able to connect to a satellite, but it could take up to 15 seconds for your messages to go through.

  • Once you’ve selected your live wallpaper, choose whether you want it set as your home screen, lock screen, or both.
  • Even the most premium primer and paint will not hide wallpaper seams.
  • Using the putty knife, press gently to crease it into the seam where your wall and ceiling join.

You can choose between wallpapers download seeing close-up details of Earth, the whole planet, close-up details of the moon, the entire moon, or the solar system. As the astronomical conditions change, so will your wallpaper. The new lock screen gallery should appear where you can choose from any wallpaper theme available or a custom one. Afterward, turn the toggle on for “Ask Before Running” and tap “Done“. Perform this entire process for all the other focus modes on your phone. Select the “Time of Day” option from the “New Automation” screen, and set the time when you want the wallpaper to change.

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Pushing a ruler into the crevice and cutting along with the knife is also perfect. But if this is too tricky for you, you can pull the wallpaper out slightly and rip the indented line with scissors. Tricky areas like outlets and switches aren’t much of a problem. Just lay the wallpaper over them, but don’t press the strip down too much on these areas.

That would process and convert your video which may take a few minutes. You can adjust the duration of the clip, change the background, key photo, filter, speed, size, crop, etc. After making all the changes, tap Make on the top right corner. When your phone powers on to make your lock screen visible, your Live Wallpaper will look the same as a still image.

and I don’t want you to miss a thing!

Closely follow the manufacturer’s usage directions, including the labeled safety warnings. Adequately ventilate the room in where you’ll be painting over wallpaper, and don’t forget to wear protective gear. If the wallpaper is textured, painting over is not the best choice, as the pattern will show through the paint. If the wallpaper is a dark, saturated color, you also risk this color showing up overtime under the paint. Regardless of the color or the texture, all wallpaper has seams, which will also show through the paint. If this is your forever home, or if you know you will be living there for the long term, it’s worth exploring stripping the wallpaper before you paint.


Choose from the photos your iPhone has identified have people in them and will crop well into the Lock Screen. Don’t get fooled by the settings for Display & Brightness. Your Lock Screen’s settings will live in the Wallpaper section. Sachin covers technology news at Smartprix and he also has a keen interest in automobile and electric vehicles. He keenly gains knowledge from various sources to be updated with the latest tech trends. He is also a passionate Potterhead who dabbles in literature, and poetry, and loves to travel.

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