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How to build an app like Tinder

How to build an app like Tinder

  • Privacy and safety.
  • Matches.
  • Convenience.

Why users delete dating apps

This might sound obvious, but according to a research by The Manifest most people download dating apps because they are curious (29%). Convenience as a reason comes second (19%), and boredom comes third (15%):

57% of survey participants admitted that they rate the experience of using a dating site or application as positive. But 42%, on the contrary, considered their experience of interaction with such services negative.

Stress that we get while using such apps is often the result of their design. This is why Tinder uses “matches” instead of the “invite-decline” method. Tinder does not provide statistical information. This means that people’s self-esteem is safe: no one will know how many times he was rejected or, on the contrary, chosen. Only mutual and voluntary communication.

Dating apps market, statistics, and trends

According to ResearchAndMarkets , the Global Dating Apps at a CAGR of approximately 6% with the annual profit steadily rising with every passing year.

The major players operating in the worldwide dating apps market are Match Group, Inc. (OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, Tinder, and Match), Badoo, eHarmony, Inc., Grindr LLC, FTW Co (Happn). In the USA, the leaders are Match Group with Tinder and PlentyOfFish, and Bumble.

Concerning trends and tendencies of the dating app market, the main ones are again connected to shifts in human communication that we all experienced in 2020, all of them connected to the adoption of new technologies. We are mainly speaking about video chats and other video-related features that all the major players have introduced (or made a central part of the products) during the last year.

Every person planning on benefiting from dating app development and thinking about how to create a dating app that would get some market share should think about how to capitalize on these and other trends. Entrepreneurs want to think more creatively in times when just swiping functionality is not enough anymore. It’s unlikely that you can beat Tinder with its clone, but you have the chance to do so with basically the same functionality but based on some particular benefit. For example, the aforementioned Bumble got so popular thanks to its strategy that gave more power to women and they didn’t stop to search for other ways to attract new loyal customers. One of their latest ideas has been to introduce a new “5 Love Languages” feature that plays on ways how different people prefer to give and receive affection. There is more and more niche dating apps that are based on some particular interest from religion and sexual orientation to hobbies, jobs, and political values. Developers of such apps claim that their products ensure a deeper and more meaningful connection between like-minded people and are better suited for those who seek long-term relationships.

Whatever the case, while Tinder is the star of the market, it’s wise to first study what made it so popular. As they say, learn the basics before you decide to jump into doing something new. True with dating app development as with anything else in this world. So what makes a dating app successful? Tinder is a free dating app for iPhone and Android that started in 2012 and almost single-handedly built the public perception of dating apps. The previous experiences with dating websites and apps required constant involvement, which in the face of rejections, was extremely annoying. Tinder changed it all by only using physical proximity as a profile pitch factor and the swiping logic where the right swipe says “Yes” and the left one says “No” in which case you won’t be seeing that profile anymore, thus saving you some unrequited outbreaks of love. Simple and clever. Tinder uses Facebook for authorization and profile screening, which is a smart choice due to Facebook’s ubiquitous presence and the culture of social media. Most people are good at spotting fake and impostrous accounts which makes Tinder pass the first validation in terms of security. As for being a usable solution to the problem of finding a partner, the numbers speak for the app: 65 000 000 000 matches. All this makes creating a dating app like Tinder extremely tempting.

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