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Kimi Finster. Kimi Watanabe-Finster are a main fictional character in the animated television collection Rugrats as well as its spin-off All grown-up!.

Kimi Finster. Kimi Watanabe-Finster are a main fictional character in the animated television collection Rugrats as well as its spin-off All grown-up!.

She initially starred in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie in 2000. She actually is the step-sister of Chuckie Finster; produced in a Japanese group, she had been the very last personality as launched for the Rugrats fictional character number.

Her mother, Kira, hitched Chas Finster (the father of Chuckie). Kimi became a typical dynamics throughout the program after Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. She after appeared in the spin-off show All Grown Up!, along with the next and third Rugrats flicks. She is voiced by Dionne Quan.

Kimi in Season 1 of most Grown Up!.



Kimi Finster satisfied the Rugrats if they were on holiday in Paris at Euro-Reptarland, where the lady mama Kira used to run. Now living with her your government Chuckie in the us, Kimi is definitely prepared use reveal profil her creativity to lead the Rugrats on a fun-filled adventure. Equipped with their best doll “Super-Thing” and a big look, Kimi may be the very first one ready to boldly go in which no kids features actually ever eliminated earlier. This occasionally places stress on Chuckie, whom feels they have to watch out for their little cousin, that can be type difficult when she actually is frightened of little and then he’s afraid of everything! – Rugrats information from Klasky Csupo

Kimi Finster has exploded into a very cool, free thinking and independent pre-teen. She likes strange tunes, dressing funky, and also locates a potential crush by means of the girl green-haired classmate Z! However, Kimi is a devoted sis to Chuckie, supplying the girl sibling assistance in things of the cardiovascular system and suggestions about how he can increase his esteem. But Chuckie can be a bit over-protective of his sister sometimes, a fact that Kimi values but sometimes locates irritating. – All Grown Up! Description from Klasky Csupo


Kimi was actually the last addition towards the cast of Rugrats, creating their very first look inside the 2nd Rugrats motion picture, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. She is really joyful and courageous. She had been released as Chuckie’s brand-new sis, after the lady mummy, Kira Finster, hitched Chuckie’s parent Charles, referred to as Chas. This wedding and adjustment they delivered to the Finster families were chosen for the series to show the students watchers, by demo, about adjusting to these radical adjustment as a result of remarriage.

In Rugrats, the one-and-a-half year-old Kimi was actually represented as most daring and quite often happened into risky situations she had been as well naive to distinguish, typically bringing the woman brand-new buddy, Chuckie Finster, along, which he don’t fancy definitely. The guy expressed her as “another Tommy” a couple days upon the girl appearance. She is as daring as Tommy and cares on her buddies. Unlike Tommy, she usually takes action basic and feels after. She laughs during the vision of danger and is also always looking an adventure. Throughout developed Up!, she grows a crush on Tommy.


Kimi provides purplish-black locks tangled up in three pigtails over their mind and wears a yellowish as a whole clothes with a bluish pet about it, a red t-shirt, purple cowgirl shoes, frilly pink ankle-high socks and wears a nappy beneath.

When she premiered in Rugrats in Paris, She dressed in a yellowish short-sleeved gown together with her pet on it, but held this lady nappy and footwear.

In Rugrats Go Wild, she used an eco-friendly general clothes with an orange fish onto it, a yellow t-shirt, and her nappy and shoes.

In All developed Up!, she mostly keeps the lady hair half free and also in a bun next in two pigtails and wears trendy, punk, glamour stone and skater girl clothing.

In “All Growed Up”, she wore a pink tank-top over a yellow t-shirt, an eco-friendly skirt, pink socks, and purple boots.

In the 1st 3 attacks of all of the Grown Up!, she keeps the lady pink leading, but their undershirt are white, their top has actually lighter red and purple streak, she had white socks and brown boots. Throughout period 1, she dressed in a dark green coat with fur from the neckband and cuffs, a blue top underneath, a red tie, green and purple bracelets, an orange skirt, environmentally friendly and purple striped leggings, along with her purple shoes.


Kira Finster – Kira is Kimi’s mama.

Hiro Watanabe – Hiro Watanabe is Kimi’s biological parent. Kimi is aware of their whereabouts in Japan and Hiro comes to check out this lady in “Trading locations”.

Wanda Yoshida-Watanabe – Wanda are Kimi’s step-mother that is hitched to Hiro. Wanda and Kimi don’t meet until the event “Trading and investing spots”.

Chas Finster – Chas is actually Kira’s next partner, producing your Kimi’s step-father. But the guy eventually used Kimi as their daughter, which makes your Kimi’s parent and not soleley her step-father.

Chuckie Finster – Chuckie is Kimi’s step-brother until he was implemented by Kira, making your along with her just siblings. Kimi loves Chuckie very much and this he’s the woman brand-new big brother. Chuckie tries to secure their, as he can, from acquiring hurt or in risk. Throughout grown-up! Chuckie still is somewhat defensive of Kimi while he attempts to shield the lady from Z when you look at the occurrence also known as “Bad Kimi”. Chuckie furthermore got disappointed whenever group located Tommy and Kimi’s initials created into the wall structure in “TP+KF” as he says to Tommy it wasn’t cool to Mack on his companion’s sibling. The initials created inside wall structure brought about Tommy and Chuckie never to just snap off her friendship but also for Chuckie as suspicious of Kimi.

Kiki Watanabe – Kiki is actually Kimi’s half-sister which she did not satisfy through to the All developed! episode “Trading and investing spots”.

Tommy Pickles – Tommy and Kimi found in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie whenever Kira brought the woman alongside. Kimi and Tommy both have actually daring personalities and so are always ready for an adventure. For the All adult! episode “TP+KF”, Kimi pointed out that she got a crush on Tommy when they all receive Tommy and Kimi’s initials carved during the wall structure. Tommy and Kimi claimed they just weren’t into one another but at the end really hinted which they both has a crush on each more.


Kimi keeps appeared in lots of periods from the original Rugrats series since month 7, and its spin-off series, All adult!. The lady first look was in the 2nd Rugrats movies, Rugrats in Paris: the film.


You’ll find the Rugrats gallery of Kimi Finster right here.

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