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Games in Sapporo turned the beginning of the star path of your legend in sports pair skating Irina Rodnina

Games in Sapporo turned the beginning of the star path of your legend in sports pair skating Irina Rodnina

All of our sports athletes – Lyudmila Smire silver medalists. The most important sterling silver starred in men’s room solitary skating. It had been claimed when you look at the combat the 1971 community champ Slovak Ondrej Nepele.

The very first time, ice dance is included in the competitors program from the Olympics in Innsbruck. As well as the very first gold inside types of figure skating became ours! The brilliant partners Lyudmila Pakhomova and Alexander Gorshkov revealed the best expertise and delivered the “gold” to the professionals. “sterling silver” in addition went along to our money box of Olympic awards through Andrei Minenkov and Irina Moiseeva.

In women’s solitary skating, our team was kept without honours, but it’s difficult not to ever remember the name of the youngest associate when you look at the cold temperatures Olympics in their entire 90-year record! And not soleley the name. Additionally along with her famous three multiple jumps during the girl.

Set skating. All of our people again claimed silver and gold honors: Irina Rodnina – Alexander Zaitsev and Marina Cherkasova – Sergei Shakhrai. For Irina Rodnina, this is certainly currently the 3rd finest Olympic award. The world got surrounded by shots, where regarding the initial step of pedestal, Rodnina’s tears flowed on noises associated with anthem of our own nation. Tears of pleasure, rips of contentment…. only annually before the Olympics, Irina and Alexander skipped society tournament, nevertheless cause is the essential joyful – the delivery of a son, another, albeit not an Olympic triumph. And here they truly are once more – the greatest. And just how the United states lovers comprise looking forward to the “silver”, because it was actually her “home Olympics”! It was not also the show of our brilliant set that smashed the United states set, but fifteen minutes of Rodnina and Zaitsev’s presence on workout, who demonstrated the enemies the unquestionable superiority your pair. Thus, the US few withdrew from the competitors, struggling to endure the mental stress.

The “Silver pair” turned into community champions similar seasons, and Marina was only 15 years older at the time of the Olympic video games!

Among football couples, 1st comprise our very own Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergey Grinkov, which snatched the success from our own set, the Olympic champions of Sarajevo Elena Valovoy and Oleg Vasiliev

In ice dancing, the Olympic “gold” was acquired by Gennady Karponosov and Natalya Linichuk (youngsters of Elena Tchaikovskaya), who brilliantly done not only the obligatory dances, but also the incendiary “Lezginka”. a�?Bronzea�? went to Andrei Minenkov and Irina Moiseeva.

It is actually challenging suppose after the woman earliest Olympics, Rodnina practically kept the big recreation

The Sarajevo wintertime Games put the first Olympic medal why not look here in women’s singles skating. Kira Ivanova, after a two-year disqualification, could winnings a bronze medal in a hardcore combat with entitled rivals.

In pair skating, silver medals comprise obtained by Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev, exactly who made their own first within globe Championship a-year prior to the Olympics and claimed a sensational triumph. Her gold medals at the Sarajevo Olympics showed that it was no happenstance.

In ice dancing, Natalya Bestemyae gold medals, and Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko extra bronze medals on Olympic treasury. Oh, how annoyed and bewilderment all of our followers believed whenever the partners had gotten lower markings compared to Jane Torvel and Christopher Dean. And exactly what a delight the next spot caused, which became sensational for us.

Here is the 7th “gold” in activities set skating in a row because the 1964 Olympics in Innsbruck. Truly noteworthy that Gordeeva and Grinkov began as singles, even so they decided to pair them.

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